Connect 2045 Documents

Connect 2045 LRTP Subcommittee

The LRTP Subcommittee of the R2CTPO was established to guide the process of developing Connect 2045. The Subcommittee will review the plan schedule, goals and objectives, technical documents and data, and activities throughout the plan’s development.

Upcoming LRTP Subcommittee Meetings are listed under News & Events on the home page.


The River to Sea TPO coordinates with a wide range of communities, organizations and agencies to plan transportation. These partners are critical in helping to develop Connect 2045.

Plans & Studies

Long-range planning requires evaluation and consideration of extensive data and information to guide decision-making. Connect 2045 will build upon studies, guidance and plans on a range of topics including the following:

Transportation Performance

State transportation agencies and metropolitan/transportation planning organizations like R2CTPO must apply a performance-based approach to carry out federally required transportation planning and programming activities. This approach requires targets for specific performance measures, which the R2CTPO has adopted. These targets will guide investment and policy decisions during development of Connect 2045.

Learn more about federal performance requirements and the adopted R2CTPO Targets.