Connect 2045 is the long-range transportation plan (LRTP) developed by the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) to reflect and meet the future transportation needs of our changing community.

This planning effort represents a core function of the TPO and is the result of a continuous, cooperative, and comprehensive (3-C) planning process.  Developed with input from people, agencies, and organizations representing all parts of our community to reflect collective values and a broad range of needs, the plan strives to provide residents, visitors, and businesses with the best transportation solutions to efficiently and safely move people and goods.

Connect 2045:

  • Is consistent with applicable state and federal requirements
  • Is coordinated locally, and within the region and state
  • Integrates detailed and general community and stakeholder input
  • Aligns community vision with project priorities
  • Identifies a multimodal, fiscally-constrained Cost Feasible Plan to enhance the area’s transportation network over the next 25 years
  • Provides benefits to the entire population without disproportionate adverse impacts


The River to Sea Governing Board adopted Connect 2045 on September 23, 2020.

The Final Plan Documentation, including all the appendices and technical supporting documents, can be accessed through the following links:.


For questions regarding Connect 2045, please contact Colleen Nicoulin, Senior Transportation Planner and Connect 2045 Project Manager at, or 386-226-0422 x 20417.



Executive Director’s Message

When our transportation system works well, we don’t spend much time thinking about it – we simply get in our car, hop on the bus, or ride our bike to go wherever we want to go – easily, safely and without unreasonable delay.  Developing transportation connections that work well, however, requires a great deal of thought.  We have to think about how people travel, where they start and end their trips and how many trips might need to be made; the needs of all users of the system, including children, seniors, commuters, visitors and people with disabilities; the activities associated with travel, such as jobs, commercial deliveries, businesses, schools and shopping; and we  have to think about safety and efficiency of the transportation system, not only for today, but for the changes that will impact our future.

What kind of changes?  At this point in time, it seems like almost all of the variables are changing:

Connect 2045 is a long-range planning effort led by the River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization (R2CTPO) to examine how our transportation system will need to grow and develop to meet the needs of our community as we navigate through these changes. The plan will need to create and maintain a sustainable transportation system that supports economic competitiveness, provides safe and efficient travel opportunities, and serves the mobility needs of all users safely and reliably.

The theme of “connect” includes the transportation system itself, from local roads to national highways, buses to planes and homes to places of employment.  It also involves connections within the community, between people and places. 

Connect 2045 is being developed to serve the community.  To be effective it must be developed with input from people representing all parts of the community so that it reflects our collective values and considers a broad range of needs. The cost of constructing transportation facilities continues to increase and there are far more needs than we can respond to.  That means we have to make our investment choices carefully and thoughtfully.

I welcome residents, public agencies, the business community and advocacy organizations from around the region to engage in the discussion about how to invest in the local transportation system to provide for a strong future.

Lois Bollenback, Executive Director
River to Sea Transportation Planning Organization
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